Vlassopoulos claims Acropolis GP

Ioannis VLASSOPOULOS (GRE/Proteas Athens Subbuteo Club) claimed a spectacular extra time victory in the Acropolis Grand Prix, beating Nikolaos CHARATSIS (GRE/Scarlet Battalion SC) 2-1.


Nikolaos CHARATSIS finalist

Sarantis PAPIDAKIS (GRE/Scarlet Battalion) and Phillipos PAPIDAKIS (GRE/Scarlet Battalion) were the losing semi finalists.

Philippos PAPIDAKIS semifinalist

Sarantis PAPIDAKIS semifinalist

Antonios KASTELLANOS (GRE/Olympia Club Subbuteo) claimed the Veterans category, while Eleftheria PAPANIKOLAOU (GRE/Glyfada United TSC) took the women’s event.

Michalis CHIOTIS (GRE/Flaming Flickers Subbuteo Club) took the U12 title, while Nikolaos PSOMIADIS (GRE/Subbuteurs Athens TSC) took the U16 event.

Scarlett Battalion won the team’s event, beating Proteas 2-1.