Facts & Figures: Players with most Individual finals appearances

A surprising number of players have appeared in more than one final. This is spread across all six categories.

Massimiliano Nastasi (ITA) has two victories (2003 and 2011) from five finals (2001, 2012, 2015). Massimo Bolognino has three victories (2000, 2001, 2005) from four finals (2002). Carlos Flores (ESP) has three wins from three final appearances (2010, 2012, 2015), while Daniele Bertelli has two wins (2007, 2009) from three finals (2010). Giancarlo Giulianini (ITA) has one victory in 2004 and two losses 1998 and 2003. Gil Delogne (BEL) won both appearances (1998, 2002), Massimo Cremona (MLT) (2006, 2011) and Saverio Bari (ITA) (2008, 2013) have both appeared in two finals without success.

Delphine Dieudonne (BEL) holds the amazing record of 14 finals appearances, with 13 victories. Françoise Guyot (FRA) appeared in five finals, winning once, while Kamilla Kristensen (DEN) has two victories from her five final appearances.

Renzo Frignani (ITA) has four Veterans’ crowns to his name, with another two runners-up medals. Martijn Bom (NED) has three victories to his name and two other appearances in the final. Francesco Mattiangeli (ITA) has two crowns and a runners-up medal. Erich Hinkelmann (AUT) and countryman Günther Bamberzky (AUT) both have two finals appearances without success. Massimo Bolognino (ITA) won both of his finals, while Stefano De Francesco (ITA) had one victory from his three appearances. Filipe Maia (POR), Thierry Vivron (FRA), Vicenç Prats Salas (ESP) and Gianfranco Calonico (ITA) all have one final victory and a loss.

Bjorn Kegenbein (GER) had a perfect record in the category, with three wins from three appearances. On the other hand, Arnaud Nullens (BEL) lost all three finals he contested. Daniele Bertelli (ITA), Luigi Di Vito (ITA), Nicolas Wlodarczyk (FRA), Simone Bertelli (ITA), and Stefano Buono (ITA) all claimed two victories from two final appearances. Carlo Flores (ESP) lost both finals in which he appeared in this category.

Five players have claimed two crowns in this combined category, with Claudio La Torre (ITA), Leonardo Giudice (ITA) , Matteo Ciccarelli (ITA), Simão Fonseca (POR) and Wolfgang Haas (AUT). La Torre also lost one final. Corentin Bouchez (BEL) fell in both finals he contested. Jessica Hardenne (BEL) is the only female player to win an non-dedicated female category, winning in 2002 in Manchester.

Diego Tagliaferri (ITA), Giorgio Giudice (ITA) and Marco Di Vito (ITA) have all claimed two titles in the most junior of categories. Francesco Borgo (ITA) won one title and lost another final, as did Leonardo Giudice (ITA). Matteo Ciccarelli (ITA) lost both finals he contested.

(With thanks to Francesco Mattiangeli and Vincent Coppenolle)