Schedule of FISTF World Cup 2022 – Rome

The FISTF Board and the FISTF World Cup 2022 Rome Local Organising Committee want to communicate the schedules of the Traditional Subbuteo Waddington Trophy  and FISTF World Cup 2022 events.

The schedules have been created ensuring maximum fun for the players and respecting the FISTF Handbook.

The formats for the Individual events:

Open:  64 players

16 groups of 4

Veterans: 64 players

16 groups of 4

Women: 22 players

2 Groups of 5

2 groups of 6

U20: 32 players

8 groups of 4

U16: 30 players

2 groups of 3

6 groups of 4

U12: 14 players

1 group of 4

2 groups of 5

The formats for the Team events:

Open: 16 Teams

4 groups of 4

Veterans: 10 Teams

2 groups of 5

Women:  4 Teams

1 group of 4

U20: 6 Teams

1 group of 6

U16: 6 Teams

1 group of 6

U12: 1 Team

2 friendly matches Italy v World Select

Please note that no drinks, of any type, will be allowed in the vicinity of the play area. Players will need to leave their water, outside the barriers. Anyone found with any drink inside the area will have:

  1. Verbal Warning;
  2. Yellow card;
  3. Red Card from the remainder of the World Cup.

In addition, a commission will arrange spot checks of Old Subbuteo and Table Football materials. Any player and/or referee who deems the material to be irregular may request a check.