FISTF Transfer Period is Open

Dear all
The official FISTF transfer period is now open.
All players wishing to transfer must let their national association know and work with them to complete the Transfer Form06.
This then needs to be submitted to FISTF by the MNA (member national association).
The transfer period ends on January 31, 2023.

Full regulations are here:
2.3.9 Rules for the Transfer of a Player between two clubs
   (a) Players may transfer between two clubs subject to the following conditions:
      (i) A “Sports Season” is the period between the 1st of January and the 31st of December each year.
      (ii) “National Transfer” is defined as the transfer of a player between 2 clubs of the same nationality as the player.
      (iii) “Transfer Period” is defined as the period between the 1st of December and 31st of January for all nations, all regions, using Central European Time as the official date. The official date of the transfer is the date of email sent to FISTF, not the date of signature. All correspondence must be received BEFORE 31st January as mentioned above.
     (iv) All National Transfer requests shall be made using Form F06E. This shall include the list of all transfers of players registered with the MNA in the relevant season. When completed, the form shall be sent to FISTF for registration. If the MNA has its own internal transfer form, it can still use it for National Transfers. However, the use of Form F06 for International Transfers is mandatory.
     (v) An “International Transfer” is the transfer of a player when the former club or new club has a different nationality to that of the player.
     (vi) If a player wants to transfer to a new club for the following season, they shall submit FISTF Form F06 to FISTF during the Transfer Period. No permission/signature from their existing club shall be needed.
     (vii) A player may only play for one club in FISTF Teams competitions during a sports season.
     (viii) A player can only make one transfer during a Sports Season, excluding a Loan Transfer.
     (ix) In the case of an International Transfer, the following procedure must be followed:
           (A) New club (or player) submits Form F06 to the player’s MNA.
           (B) This form must be signed by the player and by an official of the new club. The signature of the official of the former club is not mandatory, but the official still must be informed by being included in the recipient list of the request email. Also, the form must be disclosed to the MNAs of the new and the previous clubs, for their information.
           (C) Once approved by the MNA of the player, the form is sent to FISTF for registration.
      (x) There is no restriction on the number of players that can be transferred within the same MNA.
     (xi) New players can join a club at any time during the season, as defined above.
     (xii) Players may join a newly created club in the period outside of the Transfer Period if they are registered on Form F20 at the same time as Form F10 and Form F20 are submitted by the MNA to FISTF. This is the ‘Foundation Members’ rule. Players who later want to join this newly created club may only do so during the transfer period. New players (previously unregistered) may join at any time.
     (xiii) Players shall be enrolled anew each season.