Transfer Period to open July 1 through to September 30

The FISTF Board of Directors and Operational Staff have determined that the Transfer Period for the new season will run from midnight June 30, 2023 (CET) to midnight September 30, 2023 (CET).
The previously enacted Extended Transfer Period (per section 2.3.10 of the Handbook) is discontinued.
As mentioned in FORM 06 (available in FORMS) – this form must be submitted to FISTF by the MNA of the transferring player using the CONTACT form on the website.
The Forms can be submitted as required.
The MNA of the transferring player is responsible for updating the data in their Form F20 in Google Sheets.
Only the MNA of the transferring player is allowed to submit Form06 to FISTF.
Neither the players, nor the clubs, nor the MNA of the player’s new team are authorized to send this form to the FISTF.
The transfer will only be validated when the correct form is completed and returned according to the correct procedure.
We invite all clubs to read the complete procedure of the Handbook 2023-2024 downloadable here : 
If you have any queries, please reach out to your national association (MNA).