EÖTV celebrates 50 years

The Austrian table football federation — the Erster Österreichischer Tischfussball Verband — celebrated its 50th anniversary with a fantastic gathering of former presidents and greats of the game.
We are using a report from Horst Deimel (FISTF General Secretary 2017-2021), who describes the night in his inimitable fashion:

The evening was FAN-ATISCH & FUN-ATISCH as well as PHAN-TASTISCH. It was brilliant to see all the people you had never met before, as well as the mix of generations from the founders of EÖTV Walter Fried and Gustav Adler (1973/74) to the boys Marios Strommer and Daniel Vranovitz (2024).
The enthusiasm of the 1970s generation, who could NOT believe how the EÖTV has developed within 50 years, was marvellous.
Clubs such as STV Wien 13 ‘Gewürz Heppich’ were present when Karl Kaun and friends suddenly sat five at a table.
TFC Vienna Hotfingers, TFK Austria, TFC Red Star Vienna up to TFC Wien West and TFC Ebenfurth, Royal 78 Kaisermühlen, TV Bahnwiese Mödling, TFC Mattersburg, TFC Wr. Neustadt and TFC Traiskirchen as well as many GOLDEN European and World Champions were present, from the first medal by Gerhard Ecker (ETF Europa Cup 3rd place) to record champion Erich Hinkelmann.
All former presidents were accepted as honorary members and successful EÖTV athletes were presented with certificates of honour.
Clubs also received honorary certificates for their sporting and organisational achievements.
Three of the four golden EÖTV national teams were present and received another certificate of honour.
Efforts will be made to gather and honour the U15 NM 1998.
We look forward to a future meeting (50 years EÖTV, part 2) with sports friends who are not present to chat and honour each other
We will meet up to snap the figures!
Horst Deimel

Full photos from the night here: