Bessim Golger’s superb season continues and wins the Spanish GP! Tiburones FM is still there and wins the team title!

This now traditional and very famous Majorca Grand Prix was held on April 13 and 14 in the superb Llucmajor hall with perfect logistics for the practice of our sport!


A safe bet in the April calendar.

Despite the conflict caused by the placing on the Italian calendar of the Italian Serie A, B and C team championships, on another weekend than the third weekend authorized for national competitions, the Spanish GP once again had a great participation.

In the Open category, it was the very fit Bessim Golger (BEL/Bormla SC) who was having a remarkable season who won the tournament by dismissing Luis Mateos (ESP/Mallorca Águilas FM) in the semi-final and winning the final victory over David Gonzalez (ESP/Tiburones FM) with a score of 3-1. George Ebejer (MLT/Bormla SC) beaten by a goal (4-5) in the semi-final by the finalist.

In the final four of the veterans category, we found two of the many Spanish legends (“El Maestro” Antonio Montano and “El Profesor” Juan Carlos Granados), the formidable native of Gibraltar, John Field as well as the very regular Maltese Jason Pisani (MLT/Bormla SC).
It was ultimately Antonio Montano (ESP/Tiburones FM) who won the final victory against John Field (GIB/Tiburones), with a score of 2-1
In the semi-final, El Maestro dismissed the Maltese by the smallest margin (1-0) while John Field won more easily against Juan Carlos Granados (ESP/CAP Ciudad de Murcia FM).

In U20, the English rising star, Ruby Matthews (ENG/Avenir Subbuteo Hennuyer), got the better of the Belgian Lucas Père (BEL/Avenir Subbuteo Hennuyer) in a twisty final (3-2)
The semi-finalists were the U12, Max Pereira (ENG/Kent Invicta TFC) and Cristian Antunez (ESP/Tiburones FM).

In the U12 category, it was Max Pereira (ENG/Kent Invicta TFC) who topped the competition by winning against Julia Rosa (ESP/AS Iluro FT).
The semi-finalists were Owen Marquez Galistero (ESP/AS Iluro FT) and Jesus Gonzalez (ESP/AC Los Remedios FM).

In the most charming category of our discipline, after her victory in U20, Ruby Matthews (ENG/Avenir Subbuteo Hennuyer), again, won the women’s title. leaving behind, Mélina Scheen (BEL/ST Stembert), Katharina Waldorf-Busch (AUT/Bormla SC), Chantal Gallez (BEL/Avenir Subbuteo Hennuyer) and Teresa Martinez (ESP/AC Los Remedios).

After a good evening at the beach or visiting the beautiful Spanish island and a good night’s sleep, the team competition took place and it was the former world number 1 club, Tiburones FM (ESP), which took the title against the ambitious and very consistent Maltese club Bormla SC.
The semi-finalists were local Mallorca club Aguillas FM and another Spanish club, CAP Ciudad de Murcia FM.

One thing is certain, the future looks prosperous for this colorful tournament !