Spain Veteran team continues the winning streak

(Report by Antonio Montaño)

Succesfull organization and participation can be considered the IV International Open of Seville held at the “Centro for Interpretación LosTajillos” of Estepa, the 3rd and 4th of December. Record in the AEFM and more than 80 players around the world, 16 European teams and an environment that has invited to Estepa re-applies to host an event of this level.

In sports, the Spanish players still “on fire” after the World Cup in Italy, winning in several categories: In open category: the two World Champions 2013 and 2014, Spaniards Alberto Mateos and Juan Noguera (currently world No. 1), played the final Mateos won 4-2. Tiburones FM Spanish players won others categories: (under-15 Antonio García), (U-19 David Gonzalez) and veteran category (Antonio M. Montaño).

Estepa-2015-salleAlso highlight the victory in the most prestigious category, teams, with 3 Spanish and two Portuguese members of Tiburones FM club (Antonio J. Casín, David Gonzalez, Antonio Montaño and the two Portuguese Nuno Noronha and Ruben Portugues) who defeated the mighty team Belgian of Stembert 3-0.

The other categories were as follows:
U12: Kristian Silagiev (Moralzarzal of Madrid) bit to Pepe Torres Cabezas (AC Los Remedios).
Female category: Portuguese victory: Villarigues Carolina (Os Belenenses) defeating in the final to Paula Maireles (AC Los Remedios).

Other important event was the Official Match between Spain veteran vs Gibraltar veteran. Victory for the actual World Champions: 3-0:

Vicenç Prats 2-2 John Field
Antonio Montaño 4-3 Jason Cano
Luis D. López 5-0 José Luis Bonavia
Luis F. Méndez 3-0 Manuel Martínez