Candidature for FISTF Board of Directors positions – Update

Candidature application for FISTF Board of Directors positions are now “open”

The candidature application for the coming four year period (2020-2024) on the FISTF Board is now open. Any registered player can apply through their Member National Association and support FISTF. We are also seeking for Finance Auditors (Controllers) who will inspect finance department and its doing. They shall support FISTF on financial and banking questions too. Sublimentary we added Arbitrators who will negotiate between parties in dispute.  Both are going to be independant Executive Commissions.  These new Executive Commissions are stipulated in the new FISTF Statutes/Constitution 2020. The new statutes are in editorial and Board of Directors study phase.  Additionally you can apply for a department Commission, who support the Directors in their project works.

The Member National Associations (MNA) have been officially informed and received the FORM F90b (update).

Filename:  FISTF Board_Candidature for election_Version 2020_08_19    This can be downloaded from the FORM library.

Applications are to be sent by e-mail to with the confirmation of your MNA (MNA Signature). The deadline is 23 September 2020   –   23.59 CEST. 

The elections will be held at the 8th FISTF Congress (late in October, date to be announced) through the FISTF Internet Voting Pole (F-IVP) System, for representatives of each Association only.

This will be done after the new FISTF Statutes 2020 have been confirmed per vote by the MNAs.

Once that has been ratified, FISTF will enter a new era with many new features. 

The existing FISTF Board will remain in office until all resolutions and elections are finalized.  The new Board will be announced after the voting poll has closed. Voting results will only be revealed after full completion and voting time. MNAs only are entitled to vote.

MNAs must have a legally elected Board of Directors through their individual members. The MNA Board must be in office and consist at least of a President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Information: Handbook 2019 – Page 05 – Section 2 – Article 3.2

FISTF General Secretary

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