Application for FISTF Training Centre

Application for FISTF Training Centre requests now “open”

FISTF have re-installed the Training Centre Certificate System with updated and modern regulations, which makes it more interesting to be part off. World Wide Sports Table Football Clubs can apply for a certificate, for up to a period of 36 months. The club needs to fulfill minimum 5 to 10 conditions, while these conditions must be prooven. Many clubs can achieve at least 5 conditions. 

FORM F21A.  Download. Complete the data in the form.  Add documents to the email attachement. .…and off you go.  

Filename:  FISTF Training Centre Request Form_Version 2020    This can be downloaded from the FORM library.

Webpage:    FISTF Training Centre  and  FISTF Blog

Applications are to be sent by email : 

Documents : Club Statutes/Constitution  *  3 venue fotos & 1 outside foto  *   League Tables, Knock-out Cup Competition or regulation for internal club competitions (events)  *  The Club Logo  *  The website link  *  The elected club Board of Directors  *   View and read Handbook

There is no deadline as Sports Table Football Clubs can request any time. The expire date is latest after 36 months from the issue date of FISTF, then the club shall request a new certificate. Clubs who developed, can request a 2nd time (any time) if more conditions are fulfilled and receive a higher level. A registration fee is not charged.

Once the data have been examined by FISTF Commission, the Certificate will be issued. It is needless to say that we grant trust and faith to the applying/requesting club. FISTF has no interest in violation of trust given.

Sports Table Football (STF) or Subbuteo Clubs must have a legaly elected Board of Directors through their individual member players or other club members who do not play. The Club Board of Directors must be in office and consist of at least the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Create a club enviroment so that members feel comfortable practicing/training and playing matches. Enjoy the wonderful game of flicking plastic figures which play the ball  forward.

Note: FISTF keep the right reserved to update the Training Centre Article 24 in the Official Handbook 2020/21. The reason is to develop the Training Centres Level System. If adaption is needed then we will inform MNAs.

FISTF General Secretary 

Dated:  2020 September 04