World Cup 2020

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to the official web site dedicated to the FISTF World Cup. This site aims to present the competition and all useful informations to participate. You will find for each annual event, specific informations and competition data. After the competition, you can come back on this site to retrieve detailed competition results, but also souvenirs such as images or videos.


INFORMATION    14th March 2020

World Cup 2020  –  postponed  to  2021 

The colours RED BLACK GREEN are our recognized colours and we will focus on these as we approach 2020 which will be a World Cup year. We are proud and happy to invite all FISTF Member National Associations (MNA), Member National Associations provisional (MNAP) and non-association members, to participate in the 30th edition of a sports table football World Cup 1970 (cumulated).

We invite you to join your colours to those of the Sports Table Football world and present your delegation in Rome.



Competition:        23.  FISTF  World  Cup  2020   (1994 – 2020)

City:                            Rome, Italia

Date:                           4th  to  6th September 2020   NEW DATE:  ___  –  ___  –  2021  announcement follows.

Venue:                        Sports Hall address will be announced 2020 or 2021


Email:                 „Mr Maurizio Cuzzocrea”

Facebook:                  FISTF 


FISCT closed (signed) an ‘official partnership’ deal with Esatourgroup which on behalf of the Organizing Committee will offer and exclusively manage the best solutions in order to meet the expectations of all national team and their guests. FISTF managed a deal with Skyteam.  Click on the following links to discover our Official Partners.





Tel. nr.:           +39 0 – 721 – 40 49 59



Event name:   FISTF WORLD CUP ROMA 2020


Event Code:    ID: xxxxx    Contact the FISTF Board, email below.

Travel validity dates:    27-Aug-20   –   13-Sep-20    NEW date will follow




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The World Cup 2020 is hosted by FISCT, recognised by FISTF as the official national association in Italy. 

The FISTF handbook details full information about qualification and nomination of players and teams for the World Cup. The FISTF sports playing rules will apply to this event.  Please view the FISTF calendar for deadline dates for nominations.


Email:  Board

FISTF, your world federation.           Your home for Sports Table Football 

The FISTF board wishes you a pleasant visit in Rome, Italia!

FISTF Board of Directors


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