FISTF World Cup to be live streamed

The FISTF World Cup will have live streaming available on the FISTF World Cup Facebook page on Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 September.
Please let your clubmates, friends and family know.
The technical solution for the streaming will be provided by Hammonds Ltd, with overhead and table level cameras, mounted on a structure with lighting.

All notifications will be through the Facebook page FISTF World Cup, where an event has been created.
The World Cup organising committee and FISTF will also provide official results through the FISTF Website:
A small reporting and photo team will also ensure ‘flash results’, ‘flash quotes’ from players, photos of the action, and short interviews will be posted on the website, Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
Get your teammates, friends and family to like the Facebook pages:
FISTF World Cup: