The Europa League was played in Lisbon, Portugal in  October 2019 and we have received this fantastic report in portuguese. With the google translater you can translate into your language. Enjoy the report with these great pictures of our sport.


Luis Filipe Silva said: “This excellent work was made by students of the “Superior School of Social Communication” in Lisbon about the FISTF Europa League played last October and hosted by CF osBelenenses, LIsbon.  The work is fantastic,  but has mentioned a giant playing figure of 10cm. We take the mistake with very BIG humor. Maybe a day we play with bigger figures for better TV coverage.”

FISTF: ” We are very greatful to recieve this professional work and documentation about this fantastic edition of the Europa League 2019. We are certain it will inspire other clubs and players around the globe, to host top sports tabel football events world wide.”


Luis Filipe Silva (APS)

Horst Deimel (FISTF)





Impressions  contributed by Luis Filipe Silva (APS)